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* Deadline 6/3/2019: submit online, postmarked or hand-delivered to the BOE office.
* Any questions concerning submittal of this form should be referred to the BOE at 703-777-0289.

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Do Not Proceed Until You Have Completed The Application Form.
Clicking either button starts the appeal process. Do not click either button, unless you are intending to file an appeal.
Please click "Print. Sign and Mail" if property owners or your representative do not wish to appear before the board, or you have paper documents to attach. Otherwise please click "Submit Online".

Click here only if you do not have any other paper documentation to attach, and you or your representative will appear before the board. We will send a confirmation email to you that will include a copy of your completed application.

Click the left button. You can then print the form, sign it and send it to our office. If you plan to submit your appeal on paper, with or without attachments, you must use this button to ensure that all required information is provided. Applications printed without clicking this button are not valid and will not be accepted. When we receive the signed official application we will mail a confirmation postcard to you.