Request For Event Planning Information


(Please provide a written description of your event, including the purpose of your event. Maximum 600 characters.)
Is this an annual event?
If YES, how many years have you been holding this event?
Is this the same event being conducted under a different name?
If YES, what was the event previously titled?
Will there be attendees traveling from outside of Loudoun County?
Will you need assistance identifying lodging or hotel accommodations for your event?
Is the event Sponsor/Organizer registered with the Office of Consumer Affairs at the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services?
Does the Event Sponsor/Organizer have a Letter of Tax Exemption from the IRS?
Are patron admission, entry, or participant fees required?
If YES, please provide amounts:
Are vendor or other fees required?
If YES, please provide amounts:
Will any sales activity be conducted?
Will inflatables, mechanical rides or similar devices be used at your event?
Will your event include the construction of portable structures, pre-fabricated structures, or site-built structures such as bleachers, elevated platforms, temporary pedestrian bridges, tent structures, etc.? If YES, please specify:
Will there be any use of fireworks, lasers, black powder or other pyrotechnics?
Will your event include the use of signs, banners, decorations, or special lighting?
Will your event include the use of generator's for power distribution?
If SO, please provide the number and size of the generators:
Are there any musical entertainment features related to your event?
If YES, please specify: Number of stages; Stage type: Mobile or Constructed; Number of Performers/Bands; Music Type.
Will sound checks be conducted prior to the event?
If YES, specify Start Time and End Time:
Will sound amplification be used?
Does your event involve the use, sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages? If YES, please check:
Does your event include food concessions and/or preparation areas?
How many Food Vendors do you expect?
Do you intend to cook food in the event area?
If YES, please specify the method:
Specify Other
Do you plan to provide portable restrooms facilities at your event?
If YES, please specify total # of portable toilets, and # of ADA accessible portable toilets.
Please note one (1) portable toilet per 100 guests at the peak attendance of your event is the guideline.
Do you plan to provide handwashing stations at your event?
If YES, please advise total number of handwashing stations:
Is there a plan for trash disposal? If YES please specify: (1) number of trash cans; (2) number of dumpsters; (3) collection frequency
Is there a plan for collecting recyclables? If YES please specify: (1) what will be collected for recycling; (2) number of recycling bins; (3) number of dumpsters; (4) collection frequency;
Are animals involved in any aspect of your event?
Will tents be erected larger than 20 X 20?
Have you addressed mechanisms for crowd control, internal security, or venue safety through your security planning?
Have you contacted a Fire and/or Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agency for coverage at your event?
If YES, what company have you been in contact with?
Do you intend to use any portion of the Washington and Old Dominion Trail (W & OD Trail) during your event?
If Yes – Have you contacted the Park Manager of the W & OD Trail?
Do you have inclement weather evacuation plan? If no, the development of a plan is necessary for outdoor events taking into account weather monitoring, public notification and appropriate actions to take during severe weather.
Will any streets need to be closed?
Will vehicular traffic or pedestrians be entering or exiting onto public roadways?
Will traffic be blocked or rerouted?
Will your event involve the use of offsite parking areas and/or shuttle plan? If so, the development of a parking/shuttle plan is necessary to ensure coordination, communication, and weather planning.
I affirm that I have read, understand, and agree to the following statement: (Required!)
  • There will be a clear path of travel throughout the event venue.
  • We have developed a disabled parking and/or transportation plan (including public transportation or shuttle services) for the event.
  • A minimum of a 10% of portable restrooms at the event will be accessible.
  • All food, beverage, and vending areas will be accessible.
  • All signage will be provided in highly contrasting colors and places so pedestrian flow will not obstruct its visibility.
  • If an information center is provided at our event, customer service representatives will be available to assist disabled individuals.
  • If all areas of our event cannot be made accessible, maps or programs will be made available to show the location of accessible restrooms, parking, vendor's, and first aid stations.
Have you presented your event concept to the officially recognized community groups that are in/near the venue area?
Have you met with the residents, business, and places of worship, schools and other entities that may be directly impacted by your event? If YES, please provide a complete list of these entities. (max 300 characters)
Will this event be marketed, promoted, or advertised in any manner?
If YES, please provide the variety of methods for delivery including website address, Facebook page, Twitter page and other devices. (max 300 characters)
Will there be live media coverage during the event? If YES, please provide the media outlets covering your event:
Will media vehicles be parked within the event venue? If YES, please provide number and location of vehicles:
Special Notes or Questions: (max 600 characters)